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Friends grow apart in this dog eat dog world. It really is a shame, but everyone has to work so much now just to make ends meet that you just can't stay close to those that you used to be close with. There is something that you can plan that might help rekindle some of those close relationships that you have had through the years. Why don't you plan a night of bar hopping. That could be just the ticket for you and your best buds. There are some amazing venues in the Jackson area that will have everyone having a blast. Just make a list of people that you want to invite and then make a list of great nightspots like 127 Brewing Company, Artesian Wells Sports Tavern, the Beach Bar and Bifferhaus Brewing Company. Combine the two together and you have yourself a night on the town that won't soon be forgotten.

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Alright, now that you have your list of people that are going and you have a list of nightspots to hit, you need to figure our transportation for the evening. There is always carpooling but we recommend that you take another look at this option. First of all, that means everyone would have to drive to each location, come back together, then break up again. And this would have to happen over and over again. And when you think about it, isn't this counterproductive to why you planned this night. You want a transportation solution that allows everyone to be together for the entire evening so you can catch up with each other. Also, since you are going around to nightspots and drinking, that means that one person in every car would have to agree to be the designated driver. Either that or you would be risking a DUI or an accident from drinking and driving. That doesn't sound like a very good option either.

So, what is a good option. You would be riding in complete style and luxury on a professional mode of transportation. You would be leaving the driving up to our professional chauffeurs which would eliminate all of the negative possibilities talked about above and instead allow everyone to relax as a group while safely arriving at each venue and then back home again. With very experienced chauffeurs that have great knowledge of the roads that you will be traveling. Also, they are trained to make sure your needs are met so they are very attentive to what is going on with our customers.

While onboard your limo bus, the features we have installed will have everyone not only having fun but also remembering what its like when good friends get together. From the moment that your limo bus rolls up to pick up your group, you will feel like you are in a party atmosphere. Part of that feeling will come from neon light features. Once you stop being mesmerized by the lights, you can enjoy some drinks at the bar areas which have built-in coolers of ice. These coolers can be stocked with your groups favorite cold ones. And yes, you can drink while your limo bus is moving as well as while it is standing still. What is a party without music? Well, on your limo bus you won't have to worry about that because we have installed a premium concert quality sound system with 12” subwoofers and CD/iPod/MP3 inputs. If you feel like dancing, you will have an opportunity because there is also a customized hardwood dancing floor with a dancing pole. Now, this is what we call a night on the town with friends.

Now that you know how cool it will be to have one of our limo buses for your event, it is time for you to experience the real thing by calling one of our employees. They will treat you with the utmost respect and walk you through the easy booking process. Our main goal is to fit you to the perfect limo bus. We will never oversell you on our products and services.

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