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Proms & Homecoming

Getting safe transportation

It is one of the most exciting times in a teenagers life. There are two huge events during the high school years: prom and homecoming. For the teenager, that means getting dressed up, finding a date, and being awkward out on the dance floor. For the parent, it is a time of mixed feelings. It is a time that you want them to enjoy one one hand but also events where you want to make sure they remain safe on the other hand. We have all read the headlines about a prom or homecoming gone wrong. You want to avoid that happening at all costs. There will be the main event, the dance, and usually some afterglow activities. The Jackson area has some great venues for this purpose, you just need to come to a meeting of the minds on which places will work to everyone's satisfaction.
Of course, most teenagers will want to either drive themselves or ride with a friend. This is where the rub comes. This will be unacceptable with most parents and for good reason. After all, we are dealing with the teenage mind here. One the other hand, most teenagers are not going to want to roll up to the dance being driven by their parents in the family mini-van. This is our vehicle comes into play. We believe that you will see how we will provide a solution that is more than palatable to both parents and teenagers alike. Take a second and think about what a limo bus can do in this kind of situation. Your teenager will get to ride in luxury and style in a very special vehicle with all of their friends. They will have an absolute blast while being driven by a professional chauffeur. Our drivers are very experienced and knowledgeable of the area roads and will make sure everyone arrives at each location on time and in one piece. At the end of the night, everyone will arrive home safely. And in terms of cost, everyone will be able to divide up the cost amongst the group that travels on the limo bus. This will make it reasonable for everyone.
Your teenager will be blown away when their limo bus rolls up at the pick up location. The first thing they will notice will be the ambient atmosphere. We also know that teenagers and electronics go together like peanut butter and jelly. And we have made sure that there are some pretty cool electronics onboard. They will want to bring their own favorite tunes so they can play them on our MP3/iPod inputs. When they look over and see a dance floor, they will absolutely flip. This might be a good time to practice a bit before they get to the big dance. Once they have experienced all of the cool features on their limo bus, you will forever be known as the coolest parent that ever lived.
Coming back to the safety issue, we want all of the parents to know that we take the safety of your sons and daughters very seriously. Our chauffeurs will not stop at any location that has not been approved by the parents ahead of time. If there is a venue or two to be stopped at after the dance, the group will be driven there, dropped off, and then picked up at the drop off location. All of our vehicles are inspected and maintained on a very regular basis. This means that they are kept in road worthy condition and that you don't have to worry about your son or daughter being stranded anywhere.
We hope you can see how one of our limo buses is the solution to your problem. By renting one, you will be making everyone happy. You probably have questions at this point. Please call and fire off your questions. Anything you are wondering about, they can answer, and that also goes for questions about availability. But keep in mind that our business is run on a first come first serve basis. So, if you know the date of the big dance, please call us as soon as possible.

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