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10-12 Passenger Limo Van

10-12 Passenger Limo Van

Don't let the small size fool you!

Limo Van

It's classy...

This 10-12 Passenger Limo Van is known to be an efficient way to party in Jackson. You've never partied in a vehicle like this before! You should hire our vehicle and enjoy.

Limo van with dance floor

...and fun.

Get ready to enjoy neon style lighting, comfortable leather seating, newly installed sound systems, flat screen televisions, and more.

10-12 Passenger Charger Limo

10-12 Passenger Charger Limo

Big luxury in a small size

Charger Limo

It's classy...

This limousine is perfect for small groups! Our jet door Charger limousine has a plush leather interior, colorful laser and strobe lights, and a multimedia package.

Charger Limo with bar area

...and fun.

The multimedia on this limousine includes TVs, a DVD player, a CD player, a USB port, and Bluetooth audio. There's beverage coolers as well to keep your drinks chilled!

12 Passenger Range Rover Limo

12 Passenger Range Rover Limo

This extravagant limousine is classy and durable.

Range Rover Limo

You'll have space...

This classy vehicle option is perfect for events such as weddings, corporate events, school dances, sporting events, and concerts!

Range Rover Limo with neon lights

...and features!

You certainly won't have to worry about having fun with the premiere sound systems, bar areas with ice, and televisions with DVD inputs!

12 Passenger Town Car Limo

12 Passenger Town Car Limo

Our small limo bus isn't lacking on features.

Town Car Limo


Our 12 Passenger Town Car is a gorgeous vehicle with lots to offer, including LED lighting and many more features! Call us this is the best luxury vehicle.

Town Car Limo with built-in bar

...and style.

Both economical, and feature filled, this is the perfect bus to fit any style, for a small sized group. We guarantee an incredible and fun filled experience.

18 Passenger Infinity Limo

18 Passenger Infinity Limo

You'll love our jet door Infinity

Infinity Limo


This limousine has jet doors and an amazing interior with plush leather seats for up to 18 passengers, laser and strobe lights, three beverage bars, and so much more for your enjoyment!

Infinity Limo with leather seats

...and style.

This limousine has flat panel TVs, a DVD player, and for music you can use the CD player, USB, or connect to Bluetooth! You and your guests will have an unforgettable time on this limo!

20 Passenger Escalade Limo

20 Passenger Escalade Limo

Our Escalade limo isn't lacking on features.

Escalade Limo


Our customers love this limo bus because it offers an economical way to have a great time in Jackson. Book it now before it's gone!

Escalade Limo with colorful lights

...and style.

You're going to love the colorful lights, premium bar areas, polished hardwood flooring, leather wraparound seating, and MP3 capable stereos.

28 Passenger Limo Bus

28 Passenger Limo Bus

You're sure to have a memorable night in this limo bus.

Limo Bus

You'll love the interior...

Be sure to consider this option for your night out on the town. You'll turn heads with this fashionable limo bus.

Limo Bus with stereos with subwoofers

and the amenities...

This bus features tinted windows, ice filled bar areas, polished hardwood flooring, stripper poles, stereos with subwoofers, and more.

30 Passenger Limo Bus

30 Passenger Limo Bus

Grab your friends and get ready to ride in style.

Limousine Bus

There's no better way...

This limo bus is an option to consider for bachelor and bachelorette parties, prom, weddings, or whatever you have in mind!

Limousine Bus with laser lights

...to travel in Jackson!

There is a lot to love, with dreamy lighting features, entertainment options such as iPod capable sound systems and DVD capable televisions!

34 Passenger Limo Bus

34 Passenger Limo Bus

Partying on the road has never been so fun!

Limo Buses

This is the option...

Get ready to have a great time with your friends in this limo bus! Jackson awaits you with this spacious limo bus! This luxury vehicle has modern amenities.

Limo Buses with hardwood dance floors

...for those who party!

This bus comes with exotic hardwood dance floors, stripper poles, convenient bar areas and televisions, and a fantastic stereo system!

35 Passenger Limo Bus

35 Passenger Limo Bus

This limo bus is large and in charge!

Limo Bus Rental

Convenient by day...

This is the bus groups rent when they're looking to have a party to remember. With a 35 Passenger capacity, can you blame them? This vehicle is extraordinary! Contact us.

Limo Bus Rental with dance hall

...wild at night!

When you rent this, you'll enjoy drinks at the granite topped bar areas, dance on the hardwood floors, swing from the dancing pole, and watch your favorite DVDs on the television screens.

43 Passenger Limo Bus

43 Passenger Limo Bus

Our biggest party bus yet!

Limo Bus Rentals

Plush interior

If you have a large group of up to 43 people, then this is the party bus for you! This spacious party bus has it all.

Limo Bus Rentals with laser lights

Ready to party

You'll find several TVs, a DVD player, a spacious beverage cooler, a booming audio system, colorful lights, and more.

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