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Ypsilanti Michigan Restaurants & Clubs

Where no event goes without service!

We know, when you think of a place that has the name cafe attached to it, it sounds very generic and not very exciting. Well, when it comes to 5484 W. Michigan Avenue, to think that would be a mistake. Every item on their menu is lovingly prepared. And it gets even better, they recently added a bar in the dining area which has a television if you are interested in catching up on the big game. The management takes great pride in hiring and training their staff because the waitstaff really knows how to treat you.

For a smaller restaurant, this place has quite a range of menu choices. In fact, the menu has some really unique items on it and you might have some trouble figuring out what you really want. The d├ęcor is quaint and comfortable. You definitely will want to start off your dining experience with a cup of soup. All of their soups are homemade. And if you have any special orders, feel free to throw them out to your waitstaff and they will certainly do their best to accommodate you. Treat yourself to a serving of quality at 2333 Washtenaw.

This place is legendary in the greater Ypsilanti area. If breakfast is on the top of your list, you will be in heaven here because reading the breakfast menu is like reading a novel. And we promise you that you won't leave hungry because the portions sizes are humongous. The atmosphere at 306 East Michigan Avenue is very cool because there are all kinds of old military decorations and models of WWII aircraft. Also, expect to experience quick, attentive, and friendly service.

If you ever get an urge to so some time travel, you will want to visit 56 E. Cross Street. Located in historic Depot Town, you will definitely get the sense that you are now in small town 1940s. The atmosphere is very cozy and the burgers are incredible. You probably won't be able to visit at a time that it is not packed because of its popularity. But do not fear, because the staff at this place knows how to operate in such a way that you won't be waiting for long. And you won't believe your eyes when you see the selection of beers, ales, and lagers. A must stop.

The slogan at 20 N. Washington Street is that they strive to uphold the best of the past and be good stewards of the present. The owners want more than just to serve you, they want to start a long lasting relationship with you. They feel that quality food and drink is a way of connecting on a deeper level. So, with that in mind, they take great care in preparing every entree on the menu. The setting is quaint and cozy and the staff actually act like they don't mind being at work which was a real nice change.

Opened as a little corner bar Depot Town, Ypsilanti, Aubree's has expanded over the years into a wildly popular place. This is comfort food at its best as they offer gourmet pizza, fresh baked breads, salads, pub sandwiches, burgers, tasty pasta dishes, and comforting entrees. The atmosphere is very casual and they have a fantastic assortment of local Michigan brews. This is also a great place to watch a sporting event. Take a drive to 2122 Whittaker Road soon if you are looking for a piece of happiness pie.

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