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Dexter Michigan Restaurants & Clubs

Where no event goes without service!

Self described as an upscale, contemporary restaurant and bar, this quaint little place is located in a former farmhouse that was originally built in the 1850s. It won't take you long to see that the owners and the management have business of making customers happy done to a fine science. All of the food is well prepared and they have an amazing wine and beer list. They have definitely trained their staff well because they keep the refills coming. Stop by 7954 Ann Arbor Street soon for good food, good drink, and warmth and comfort.

The tagline on their sign is the following: “not your typical pub fare.” One glance at the menu and you will see why this place is unique. Listed are a mixture of pub style classics right alongside entrees that you would find in a fine dining establishment. If you can't find something at the bar to fit your palate, then you probably shouldn't be drinking. They offer everything from local Michigan beers on tap to delicious craft cocktails. But what will really impress you is the value you receive at 8093 Main Street for the price.

If you are into beer tasting, then this is a place that you want to be on a regular basis. The options before you will astound, you can sample any of their 48 unique craft beers and 24 boutique wines on tap. This is better than going to a local brewery. The service is truly amazing, the bartenders have so much knowledge and they are dying to share it all with you. And here is the most awesome part of your experience, if you discover a wine or a beer that you really like, you have the option of taking your new love away in a growler, howler, or a bottle. One visit to 8059 Main Street and you will be hooked.

Sometimes you just need to have a place to go where you will feel like you are special and where you can just chill out for a bit. Their burgers are top-notch. But sometimes you expect that at a bar or a pub. One thing you don't necessarily expect are tremendously tasty pasta dishes and pizza. And speaking of specials, there are lots of specials all through the week. There is a very quaint second floor which will provide you with some quiet moments around a fireplace. One last piece of advice. When you visit 8114 Main Street, make sure that you leave room for their succulent chocolate dessert.

Now, we know there is always the debate between authentic Chinese and American Chinese cuisine. The Food Zone specializes in excellent Americanized Chinese food. At 7023 Dexter Ann Arbor Road, you will not find any items drenched in oil, but all of the dishes are very tasty. Their signature dishes include sweet and sour chicken, moo shu chicken, and General Tso's chicken. Also, you will be very happy to know that the portions are large and the service is very efficient and friendly.

This is a place that you come to for one thing, to drink. The food options are limited but the drink options are many and varied. There are so many beers to choose from and their prices will blow your mind. They have $1.50 beer specials. This could best be characterized as a fun dive bar. They have entertainment options if you are so disposed. The waitstaff at 2830 Baker Road are really friendly. This is one of those places where the outside may lack in terms of attractiveness, but once inside, you will find yourself just being one of the gang.

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