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Adrian Michigan Restaurants & Clubs

Where no event goes without service!

Can you tell us another place that you can go to and get a Margaritas for $1? There are some places that treat you well in a professional manner and then there are places like this that treat you like family. We can't think of any. The waitstaff is very friendly and they are excellent at making sure that you and your group are taken care of. Expect to receive a lot of food no matter what you order, this means expect to eat again the next day. If you are in the mood for quality Mexican fare, stop by 1675 E. US 223 at once.

When is the last time that you could say that you ate at an award winning establishment? Well, when you venture into 1368 Division Street, you will be doing just that. There are so many words that could be used to describe this quality establishment, but probably the best phrase that we can think of is that they deliver unsurpassed excellence. This is a great place to celebrate a special occasion or just to bring a date. The atmosphere is laidback and rustic and we think you will agree that the food is hearty as you enjoy the best steaks, ribs, and burgers.

This is one of the upscale restaurants in Adrian that is worth spending your money at. It doesn't take long to find out that this place is service oriented. You can tell the owner takes customer service very seriously. All of the servers greet you whether you are being waited on by them or not. The food is truly amazing with their specialties being shrimp risoto, pizza, and baked ziti. And the beautiful thing is that you receive all of this quality at moderate prices. Go to 149 N. Main Street if you want to receive 5 star treatment at a 5 star restaurant.

One thing that we have to say right off the bat is that there is not one of these on every corner. Holligan's, as defined by the owner, is an Irish-German bar and grill. One of the really cool things about Hooligan's is that most of their menu is supplied by Michigan farmers and their draft beer selections major on local and regional craft breweries. The place is tastefully decorated and it is always a good sign to see the owner lurking around and heavily involved. Never fear, you will be well taken care of at 113 E. Maumee Street.

What is not to like about this place? If you want a great place to watch a game, it is here. If you want great barbeque, it is here. If you want great drinks, they are here. If you want attentive service, it can be found here. But by far, their claim to fame are their wings. They have the recipe down pat. But you are certainly not tied down to that choice, they also have a number of other tasty menu options at 720 S. Main Street. At Fricker's, their motto is fun, food, sports, and spirits. Sounds like a winning combination.

Let's face it, sometimes the best things in life are not fancy. And in the case of 111 S. Main Street, this would certainly be the case. Mandy's is what you would call a great dive bar. Think about it, hamburgers that are huge and fresh, fries that are phenomenal, no windows, and a place where everybody knows your name. Well, not exactly on that last part, but at least the staff will get to know you enough to treat you well and to make sure you are well supplied with the drinks you want and need.

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